“Scream” Poem

The fabric of the world 

Strains and stretches,

Torn apart at the seams.

The threads snap… snap… snap,

Leaving rents across the sky.

And the world screams. 

Snap. Scream. Snap. Scream.

Fire curls around each tear,

Carving out the jagged scars,

Blazing light through darkness.

Flaming bolts strike… strike… strike.

The burning and ripping hurts,

And the pain worsenes the mess. 

Strike. Scream. Strike. Scream. 

Stars fall loosed from the night,

A deluge of broken diamonds

Cried in countless cold droplets.

The wind heaves a sob… sob… sob

The tears flow to floods –

A storm the world cannot forget. 

Sob. Scream. Sob. Scream. 

Snap. Strike. Sob.