The Author, Editor

My name would be a good place to start, I suppose, so my name is Renee.

I never know how to write about myself. I know how to write about other people and the world around me much better than I can write about myself. But this blog is intended to be about me, in a sense; my thoughts shared with you.


I write because my mind overflows with stories, my fingers itch to type, and I am perfectly entertained by a simple pen and paper. I write because I don’t know that I have a choice. If I shied away from my characters and worlds, I believe they would make my life miserable.

I recently graduated with a degree in creative writing in West Texas and don’t expect to make much money in my lifetime, but I write anyway. I have five completed first drafts at this time and am in the process of improving one to send on to agents. Honestly, I’d be happy if one other person read the story and took something from it.

I am generally a happy person, and I hope you can sense my optimism as I post, but sometimes I delve into the deeper thoughts and go a little darker. I am blessed, and I am passionate, and I enjoy trying to stay unique and creative with my posts. I genuinely hope you enjoy what you read on Gold Spun Gray.


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